A journal of dreams...


my family was being robbed and i tried to tell my uncle to stop them and he shot most of them but ended up shooting me in the chest and i blacked out for a sec. there was a huge hole there but for some reason i was still alive and it hurt rly bad to breath (which is weird, i havent had a dream where i felt physical pain in so long) and we got robbed again, except with more people and they took all of us to a place where they tortured people and there was like hundreds of people (kinda like a concentration camp but styles like a school) and they handcuffed me to a pillar and filled the room up with water to drown me and someone i knew decided to help me and for some reason i could control what people did with my voice (like in preacher) and he let me go and i saw my grandma throwing up and i murdered everyone that was torturing people there. i tried to help as many people as i could after but most of them got shot down


my dad was freaking out and trying to physically harm me and i tried to tell him that i loved him and nothing i said got thru to him and he put on a mask and tried to kill me and i ran away to my grandparents house. when i got to them, they couldnt understand anything i meant and i literally felt so alone


my mom killed someone that was threatening to take my sister away bc she was on meth and they were like police and my dad was too fucked up to do anything and i was trying my hardest to get to the police and my mom kept trying to stop me and put bleach in the shower water and attempted to kill me and anyone i talked to


last night i dreamed about being at my old house and seeing all my old friends again, except everyone was dying and my parents put heroin needles in our yard and kept freaking out whenever i tried to tell them to stop doing drugs. I tried to help everyone i could but i couldnt save anyone and it made me feel so worthless.